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MicroPi EV2 Classroom Kit (x12 Bundle)

MicroPi EV2 Classroom Kit (x12 Bundle)

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Our little computer is known as the microPi and is based on the well-known Raspberry Pi 3A+.

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ is an amazing miniature computer and it's 40 GPIO pins allow it to connect with various components and sensors, but this involves complexity. The microPi and the EV2 chassis make it much easier to use.

As a bundle of 12 units, it is perfect for the classroom environment. This bundle includes a FREE router that makes connecting to the MicroPi even easier and a FREE instructor pack.

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Features Include

An onboard programmable display (OLED), LED's, buttons and more. Grove connectors that support I2C bus to connect many additional sensors and devices.A graphical operating system that works straight out-of-the-box (comes with 16Gb microSD Card pre-installed with Raspberry Pi OS). An anodised aluminium chassis, complete with rechargeable battery, DC Motors and a Sensor Board.  

Get started by enrolling onto the FREE on-line course and learn how to control the display, multi-coloured lights, sounds, buttons, and much more. Additionally, use the EV2 Chassis to construct an autonomous robot that avoids obstacles and travels along a black line. As you learn you will soon realise that the microPi has much more to offer.